Introducing Isobar Good

With the aim of achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Isobar Good partners on transformative initiatives to create a better future by design.

About us

Many hands
make good work.

We’re all responsible for creating the world in which we wish to live – not just for ourselves, but generations to come. We are strategists, designers, creatives and technologists from Isobar focused on overcoming key challenges in our quest for a sustainable community.

How we work

We embrace human centred design and agile ways of working.

Our eight standards


We involve the people we’re designing for, every step of the way.


We are a self-organising, multidisciplinary team.


We share early and often, taking a human-centred and agile approach.


We partner with organisations to understand their tools and systems.


We create reusable initiatives with our partners, including systems, strategies and design libraries.


We design for everyone; we champion accessibility and inclusive design.


We measure our performance on the global impact we make, not on cost or time.


We assess progress at every stage through our Isobar Good council of experts.

Our Stories / 01

Good Health and Wellbeing
Monash Health

Solving challenges for chronically ill teenagers.

Monash Health and Isobar Good recognised that adolescents with disabilities or chronic health issues are at a vulnerable point in their lives. As a minority group coming through Monash hospital, they often get forgotten about. It was important to set this group up for success, enabling them to enter early adulthood with every expectation of being valuable and productive members of society.

We wanted to look at how design thinking can help solve their day-to-day challenges and what sort of initiatives these kids and teenagers would like to see, to improve their care at the hospital and their lives overall.


Our Stories / 02

Good Health and Wellbeing
Red Cross

Getting life-saving plasma to those who need it most.

From immune deficiencies to heart surgery and blood transfusions, plasma is used in various life-saving medical treatments. We don’t have enough plasma supplies in Australia to meet the rising demand.

We worked with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to step in the shoes of current donors with the aim of improving the donor experience. We wanted more donors donating more often.

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